An integrated value chain


QSP Department

Machining Process

Cutting and Bending process

Assembly and Painting Process


Welding Process


Packaging Process

Our Processes and Softwares


QSP Department

Our QSP team is composed of 8 engineers with a 10-year working experience. We only work with the best tools : we dispose of 6 SolidEdge and SolidWorks licenses, 6 controllers and a 3D-measuring arm. Our team is also specialized in jig design, dashboard edition and NC parts analysis (8D).

In-house IT equipment

Our company is equipped with the best IT system there is. We have about 300+ network items, including 25 PCs, 20 workstations and 25 printers. Our IT system is driven by 12 servers and our workshops  are controlled by 50 CCTV cameras, for safety concerns. Every employee has access to an in-house cloud.

ERP System

Our ERP is installed on more than 20 workstations, all equipped with printers to print jobs for Aries workers. We work in real time on 3 different ERPs, one for each of the branch of Aries Group. The software we use is designed for industrial and sheet metal production. We use this tool to manage the production, the warehouses and the maintenance of the equipment.

Our Machines


Cutting machines

Our warehouses are equipped with the best technology in terms of cutting machines. We currently dispose of laser and oxy cutting machines, sawing machines, shearing machines, punching machines and sandblasting machines.

Bending & Rolling machines

Aries is aware that its customers requires the best in terms of bending and rolling equipment. We currently use bending machines, rolling machines and presses.


Our welding teams are composed of professional workers, who use their experience to provide our customers the best quality. Aries company works with 40 certified manual welders, and 3 welding robots.


Aries company has a long-lasting experience in terms of machining. Our engineers work in collaboration with the operators to make the best products. Our warehouses are equipped both with milling machines and turning machines.


Aries Group offers to its customers personalized solutions to treat their requirements in terms of industrial painting, thanks to our teams’ experience in this field. We dispose of 1 automated powder painting line and 1 liquid painting cabin.


Assembly and Packaging

Our company has a complete value chain. We dispose of dedicated teams for assembly and packaging, located in specific areas in our warehouses.